Winter and Snow Equipment


Ski "White Rockets"

Climber, Ski

Harness Sled

Mask Extreme Cold Weather

Mask Extreme Cold Weather oliv

Parka Snow

Trousers Snow Camo White

Gloves Snow

Cover Ground Troops Para Helmet White

United States Marine Corps Cover Ground Troops Parachutists Helmet White

Cover Field Pack Class 1 White

"Mickey Mouse Boots"Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots Type I

Für Temperaturen bis -28,9 C°

Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots Type II

Für Temperaturen bis - 53,8°C

Gloves Mitten Shell Trigger Finger

Mitten Inserts, Trigger Finger M 1948

Gloves Men´s and Women´s Intermediate cold / wet

Cold Weather Type Boot Sock

Water Canteen Cold Weather

Meal Cold Weather Menu 03 Chili Macaroni

Meal Cold Weather Menu 08 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Repair Kit Ski

FM 31 - 70 Basic Cold Weather Manual

TC 21 - 3 Soldier´s Handbook for individual operations and survival in cold weather areas

Camouflage Screening System Snow

Camouflage Screening Support System

Repair Kit Camouflage Screening System